ALIVE, ALIVE! (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

ALL OVER CREATION (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

ALWAYS THERE'S A CAROL (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

AN UNEASY CAROL (words by Fred Kaan)

CHILD IN MANGER (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

CHILD WHEN HEROD WAKES (words by Brian Wren)

COME CHRISTMAS CHILD (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

DOWN TO EARTH AS A DOVE (words by Fred Kaan)

DREAM A DREAM (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

GIFT OF NEW SIGHT (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

HER BABY, NEWLY BREATHING (words by Brian Wren)

HOLD THE CHILD GENTLY (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

LET LOVE FROM IN THE MANGER HEAL (words by Walter Farquharson)          

NO OBVIOUS ANGELS (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

OH, HOW JOYFULLY (words by Brian Wren)                    

PEACE CHILD (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

STAR CHILD (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

SUMMER SUN OR WINTER SKIES (Words by Shirley Erena Murray)

THERE IS NO CHILD SO SMALL (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

TROUBLESOME CAROL (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

WHERE IS THE ROOM? (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

WOMAN IN THE NIGHT (words by Brian Wren)                    

WOMAN OF FAVOUR (words by Walter Farquharson)