Door, Doors

BEFORE WE CAME TO CHURCH (words by Fred Kaan)

COME IN, COME IN, NEW YEAR (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

I AM STANDING WAITING (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

JESUS IS WITH GOD (words by Brian Wren)

OPEN WIDE THE CHURCH'S DOOR 'Syncopated' version (also see 'Straight' version) (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

OPEN WIDE THE CHURCH'S DOOR  'Straight' version (also see 'Syncopated' version) (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

STARTLE US, GOD, BY THE SIGNS OF YOUR SPIRIT (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

STRANGER, STANDING AT MY DOOR (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

THE BREAD WE EAT (words by Walter Farquharson)                    

WHEN SOMEONE SHOUTS (words by Walter Farquharson)