Thanksgiving: Offering Thanks

BECOMING WHO WE ARE (words by Fred Kaan)

HOW GOOD TO THANK OUR GOD (words by Brian Wren)

HOW WIDE IS LIFE FOR LIVING (words by Fred Kaan)

IT IS RIGHT (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

LET OUR EARTH BE PEACEFUL (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

NOW JOIN WE TO PRAISE THE CREATOR (words by Fred Kaan)    

SEVEN IS SUFFICIENT (words by Fred Kaan)                    

SIMPLY TO BE (words by Shirley Erena Murray)                    

THANK YOU, GOD, FOR TIMES OF GROWING (words by Brian Wren)                    

THANK YOU, GOD, FOR WATER, SOIL AND AIR (words by Brian Wren)                    

THE PRESENT TENSE (words by Fred Kaan)

WE ARE NOT OUR OWN (words by Brian Wren)                    

WE ARE NOT OUR OWN [Choral Anthem Settings] (words by Brian Wren)