A COMPANION ON THE ROAD [Choral Anthem Settings]                     (words by Sheelah Megill)

AN UNEASY CAROL (words by Fred Kaan)

AS LONG AS THERE IS TIME (words by Walter Farquharson)

AT THE TABLE OF THE WORLD (words by Brian Wren)

GOD MADE FLOWERS (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

GOD WHO CALLS US TO BE FOOLS (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

HANDS SHAPED LIKE A CRADLE |Communion version| (words by Fred Kaan)

HERE AM I (words by Brian Wren)

HOLY SPIRIT, STORM OF LOVE (words by Brian Wren)

NOW JOIN WE TO PRAISE THE CREATOR (words by Fred Kaan)    

SEVEN IS SUFFICIENT (words by Fred Kaan)                    

VOICE-OVER GOD (words by Fred Kaan)