ALL THAT WE HAVE (translation by Fred Kaan)                            

BLESS AND KEEP US, GOD (words by Fred Kaan)

GO GENTLY, GO LIGHTLY [High Voice Version] (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

GO GENTLY, GO LIGHTLY [Low Voice Version] (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

GOD WHO IS LIFE (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

HEAR US CREATOR AS WE PRAY (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

I AM YOUR MOTHER (Earth Prayer) (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

IMAGINATION IS A TREE (words by Fred Kaan)

LET OUR EARTH BE PEACEFUL (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

NOW JOIN WE TO PRAISE THE CREATOR (words by Fred Kaan)    

ONLY ONE EARTH |Key: D| (words by Brian Wren)                    

ONLY ONE EARTH |Key: Eb| (words by Brian Wren)                    

SILENT SPRING SONG (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

THANK YOU, GOD, FOR WATER, SOIL AND AIR (words by Brian Wren)                    

THE BLESSING OF WATER AND LIGHT AND AIR (words by Shirley Erena Murray)

THE GENTLE BREEZE (words by Walter Farquharson)                    

THE QUIET OF THE WATER [Choral Anthem Settings]                     (words by Walter Farquharson)                    

TO SHOW BY TOUCH AND WORD (words by Fred Kaan)

WE ARE NOT OUR OWN [Choral Anthem Settings] (words by Brian Wren)                    

WHERE ARE THE VOICES FOR THE EARTH? (words by Shirley Erena Murray)