Newest Additions

I WISH YOU THE BLESSING (words by John Oldham) on 2015-09-06

SHOW US TODAY (German Text by Kurt Rommel; Translation by Fred Kaan) on 2015-07-28

FIREWORKS LIGHT A SUMMER NIGHT (words by Ruth Duck) on 2015-05-26

IT IS TIME (words by Shirley Erena Murray) on 2015-03-14

WHERE ARE THE VOICES FOR THE EARTH? (words by Shirley Erena Murray) on 2015-03-13

WHERE THE WATERS OF THE JORDAN (words by Ruth Duck) on 2015-01-28

JESUS TOOK THE BREAD (words by Ruth Duck) on 2015-01-27

AS GRAIN ON SCATTERED HILLSIDES (words by Ruth Duck) on 2015-01-26

STAR CHILD |Choral Anthem Settings| on 2014-12-10

COME CHRISTMAS CHILD (words by Shirley Erena Murray) on 2014-11-02