Music Versions

Music on this site is in PDF form for the best resolution possible from your own printer. Download the free Adobe Reader if it is not already on your computer.

Subscribers can download many arrangements of music which fall into categories including:

Choral Anthem Versions

Some titles are arranged as choral anthems. Configurations include:

1. Score Version

“Conventional” anthem format for directors and accompanists; includes choral parts, accompaniment, chords, bass progressions and, usually, a soprano descant or optional instrument part.

2. SATB Choir Parts

Print as Master Copy and photocopy for choir (photocopy permission is included in subscription fee!).

Space saving (much less photocopying!), Choir Parts include only the information singers require. Accompaniment is included only for introductions, interludes, and other helpful cues.

3. SAB Choir Parts

Same as #2 (SATB Parts) above, but arranged for 3-part mixed voices.

4. SSA Choir Parts

Same as #2 (SATB Parts) above, but arranged for 3-part treble voices.

5. TTBB Choir Parts

Same as #2 (SATB Parts) above, but arranged for 4-part male voices.

6. ‘C’ Instrument Part

Many anthems include an optional instrumental line for flute, violin, or oboe.

7. ‘Bb’ Instrument Part

Anthem instrument parts are also transposed for B-flat instruments.

8. Piano Accompaniment

Eliminates page turns for accompanists; contains piano notation-only; introductions, choir entry cues, and interludes all clearly marked; measure numbering corresponds to Anthem Score Version.

Suggestion: The Piano Accompaniment format is also useful as a piano solo resource.

Keyboard Accompaniments

Keyboard accompaniments fall into four general categories:

1. Piano Accompaniment Version

Corresponds with HYMN-STYLE HARMONIZATIONS, 3-stave notation (piano grand staff and separate staff for melody and words); includes keyboard chords and bass instrument progressions.

2. Organ Accompaniment Version:

When style permits, organ notation corresponds to HYMN-STYLE HARMONIZATIONS. These may be played as manuals-only pieces or with the included optional pedal staff.

3. Anthem Piano Accompaniment Version:

Included in ANTHEM SCORE and ANTHEM PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT versions (may also be used for piano solos).

4. Easy Piano Version:

Large, clear, basic notation; accessible for students and adults with limited keyboard experience; use to contribute meaningful, theme-related preludes, offertories, etc; also to augment musical studies.

Suggestion: Engage beginning students by combining Easy Piano and Organ Accompaniment versions for duets, or combine Easy Piano Version (played 8va or 16va) with Piano Accompaniment Version as prelude or offertory for four hands.

Bulletin Master Version

Contains words and melody formatted for a Service Bulletin (Program). The PDF can be dropped into a service order electronically or printed and mechanically pasted-up into a layout.

Hymn-Style Harmonizations

With a few exceptions, hymnbooks typically limit each selection to a single page. Variety in singing or accompaniment relies on individual skills, creativity, and investment of time.

Where style permits, we offer voicings to serve a variety of resources. Primary harmonization is usually SATB; also included are SAB, SSA, and TTBB arrangements.

Suggestion: Combine different harmony versions within a single selection (v.2 SSA; v.3 TTBB, etc.), or use hymn-style harmonizations to create anthems for smaller choirs.

Hymn-Style Harmonization versions have no accompaniment beyond the vocal parts, however voicings are all compatible with PIANO, ORGAN, EASY PIANO, and GUITAR CHORD versions. Measure numbering of Hymn-Style Harmonizations corresponds to accompaniment versions.

Guitar Chord Versions

Three versions of guitar chords are available:

  1. Guitar / Bass Version (Notated in the original keyboard key, these chords correspond to the keyboard chords.)
  2. Guitar - Capo Transposition (available when keyboard key is not “guitar-friendly”).
  3. Guitar - EZ (Chords do not necessarily correspond to keyboard chords; intended for use by guitarists who are not advanced players, but who wish to provide basic accompaniment.)
Guitar Player Tips:

Acoustic or Electric Bass Lines

Bass players have two sources for music:

  1. The PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT VERSION for each selection has keyboard chords which include bass line progressions.
  2. GUITAR CHORD VERSIONS for many selections have bass progressions. However, Guitar Chord Versions with transposed chords and capo indications will not work for bass players. In these cases, bass players should use the Piano Accompaniment Version.
Bass Player Tip:

Melody Versions

Melody-only versions permit singers and players to use the music for solos or to support singing. Melody Line versions are all compatible with Piano, Organ, Easy Piano and Guitar Chord versions. All accompaniments include measure numbering which corresponds to Melody Line versions. Notation for Instrument parts is transposed to match the keyboard keys.

The following configurations are included:

  1. Vocal Solo or ‘C’ Instrument (concert range)
  2. ‘C’ Instrument - 8va (permits flute, violin, etc. instrumentalists to play melody one octave higher when desired)
  3. ‘Bb’ Instrument
  4. ‘Eb’ Instrument
  5. Bass Clef ‘C’ Instrument
  6. ‘F’ Instrument (High)
  7. ‘F’ Instrument (Low)
  8. Viola (Alto Clef)