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one verse played on piano by Ron Klusmeier.

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Put peace into each other’s hands
and like a treasure hold it,
protect it like a candle flame,
with tenderness enfold it.

Put peace into each other’s hands
with loving expectation;
be gentle in your words and ways,
in touch with God’s creation.

Put peace into each other’s hands
like bread we break for sharing;
look people warmly in the eye:
our life is meant for caring.

Give thanks for strong yet tender hands,
held out in trust and blessing.
Where words fall short, let hands speak out,
the heights of love expressing.

Reach out in friendship, stay with faith
in touch with those around you.
Put peace into each other’s hands:
the Peace that sought and found you.

Author / Composer Comments

RK: See the Communion Versions for information regarding how the original hymn text came to be written. The version on this page is quite unique. Verses 4 & 5 are relatively new, having been written in early 2001 (just before Fred & Anthea embarked with us on our 49 concert – 52 day – “Wind of Change” cross-Canada tour). The new words were written expressly for a chaplain friend of Fred’s who loved using this piece at an annual worship service for a hospice community which honoured those who had died in the past year.

Christians are in a distinct minority in the community in which the hospice is located. The request to Fred was to replace the distinctly Christian/Communion verses (4 & 5) with new verses containing words which could be comfortably sung by people of other faith traditions as well as those who have no indentifiable faith community at all.

Fred chose to focus on touch, recognizing that there can be times when people who are gravely ill reach a point where verbal communication is no longer physically possible. Fred is careful to note that we do not know whether the loss of ability to speak is accompanied by the loss of ability to hear. We should, indeed, keep talking to loved ones and friends who appear not to respond. Touch, though, can become a powerful medium in these situations and we are encouraged to reach out. “Where words fall short, let hands speak out…”

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