WIND OF CHANGE (words by Fred Kaan)                    

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a 4-bar Intro followed by a verse, refrain and ending played on piano by Ron Klusmeier.

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Come, O Holy Spirit, set the Church on fire;
strike it as a lightning hits a posing spire.
Burn away the structures and consume the sham
of our holy systems: Come in Jesus’ name!
Come in Jesus name! Take our hearts by storm.
All the world lies open: Pentecost is now!

Blow away the cobwebs of our stubborn past.
Come, send flying from us myths unfit to last.
Wind of change, refresh us and disturb our calm;
teach us what true love is, take our hearts by storm.
Come in Jesus name! Take our hearts by storm.
All the world lies open: Pentecost is now!

Free us from the babble of our Babel minds.
Spark in us a language all can understand.
Lighten then our darkness, come and show us how.
All the world lies open, Pentecost is now!
Come in Jesus name! Take our hearts by storm.
All the world lies open: Pentecost is now!

Author / Composer Comments

• Author Fred Kaan, from his book The Only Earth We Know (Stainer & Bell / Hope Publishing Co., 1999, page 26): “I wrote this for a Pentecost celebration at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva [Switzerland] in 1972.”

RK: This is another of those texts which sat on my ‘to-do’ stack at the piano for many years. It wasn’t until I was preparing to go to an ecumenical gathering on Gabriola Island in 2000 that a late-night tune flew off the fingers while I sat at the piano. The group at Gabriola Island had asked me to bring something ‘brand new’ to teach them. This melody was composed at about 11:30 pm on the night before going to Gabriola – they don’t get a whole lot newer than that!

I named the tune “Gabriola” in honour of the folks of the island who, quite inadvertantly, inspired it. Had I not named it “Gabriola”, I would have named it “Hawkins” in honour of Canadian rockabilly icon Ronnie Hawkins who once told me, ‘If the church had any sense at all, it would tell you to write some rockabilly hymns!’

Wind of Change then became the title selection for the cross-Canada Wind of Change Tour which we (Fred & Anthea Kaan, Sheelah Megill, Christina and me) did in Spring 2001. We presented 49 concerts in 52 days from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island! Since then, Wind of Change has become a perennial Pentecost Sunday (and anytime!) favourite in churches right across Canada.

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