THERE COMES A TIME (words by Walter Farquharson)                    

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one verse played on piano by Ron Klusmeier.

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There comes a time when life is done,
when we would welcome setting sun;
when we would close the book on life,
be done with stress and done with strife.
Like Simeon we wait for sign
to understand our God’s design,
to make some sense of what is past,
to help us see what things will last.

God, grant us love to live with grace,
to cope with all we have to face,
and care to pass to those who’ll hear
the knowledge that we’ve known you near.
God, give us will to praise your light,
to love our life and find delight,
to see your world renewed and free,
to dream of what we yet shall be.

God, in your love, give us your peace,
your word has promised joy’s increase,
prepared in love as gift for all,
your light, your glory, and our call.

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