GOD OF TRIALS AND NEW BEGINNINGS (words by Walter Farquharson)                                        

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one verse played on piano by Ron Klusmeier.

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God of trials and new beginnings,
God of destinies and partings,
would you hear your people’s prayer?
For with love and deep devotion,
we have set again in motion
yet another moving out.
God of cradling and of nurture,
God of family and adventure,
would you grace your people’s hope?
Though with problems we have striven,
we have treasured those you’ve given;
helped them all to know their worth.

God of passages and journeys,
God of pilgrimage and turnings,
would you light your people’s way?
For with fear and with misgiving,
we approach the risks of living
in a world not tuned to love.
God of calling and of yearning,
God of justice and of burning,
would you call your people out?
For with gifts and talents practiced,
by your Spirit’s grace made active,
we may live with courage here.

God of purpose and intention,
God of dreaming and invention,
would you fire a people’s will?
For your world is full of hurting
and disaster for us lurking
distant from your good intent.
God of joy and celebration,
God of music and elation,
would you join your people’s praise?
‘til the hymns and prayers we’re offering,
with our living and our giving,
sing out with creation’s song.

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