Anthology FAQs

When Ron composes new hymns and songs in the future, will we have to pay extra to receive the new music?
No. Music is added to the site as it is created by Ron. Notification of new items is always listed in the “What’s New” column. Subscribers always have full access to all music whether it was written 30 years ago or yesterday.
Do the subscriptions run for the calendar year? Is it better for me to wait until January to sign up?
Your subscription anniversary is one year from its starting date, regardless of when you begin. All subscriptions are valid for twelve months from their beginning or anniversary date. You will be notified via email 60 days prior to the expiration of your subscription. In order for a subscription not to lapse, payment must be received no later than the anniversary / expiration date.
I’ve just discovered your site and would like to use one of your selections next week. Do you need to receive my subscription payment before I can access the system and download music?
No. As quickly as possible after you apply for a subscription, we will send you your access code via return email. This entire site is based upon a system of honour and trust. If you are interested in the words and music which we make available, we trust that you will pay us.
How in the world (pun intended) do you enforce copyright by putting your music on the internet?
(from Ron) I believe that we, as a global community, must move toward a type of commerce which is vastly different from the model in which we are currently trapped. It is, indeed, very risky to expose my music and the words of my author partners in this way. However, I trust people to be honourable. If we cannot run a business in the church which is based on the inherent goodness of people, where else would we ever hope to do it?
Is it okay if I share our access code with another church in town? They really like Ron’s music, but they don’t have much money.
No. Although it’s a generous gesture from your church, it would be far too costly for us if we permitted that option. We’re doing all we can to make the music as accessible as possible but we do have to request that congregations do not share their access code beyond the church which holds the licence.
How does Musiklus know which music selections I’ve downloaded?

We have a tracking system in place. It reports which titles have been requested for downloading by subscriber and date. This information provides the basis for us to pay the authors of the words a fair compensation.

It also allows us to advise you of your history of downloads should you decide not to renew your subscription so that you can make informed choices about which items you may wish to purchase to keep in your library and which you will choose to destroy.

Am I able to keep using the 250 titles I downloaded with my subscription if I don’t renew it?
No… well, maybe. If a subscriber decides not to renew a subscription, all music printed and/or copied from the site must be either destroyed or purchased through our buy-out system, as explained in our 5 easy terms.
If I start my subscription in 2010 and decide to cancel it in, say, 2011, but then in 2012 discover what a misguided decision I made in 2011 and how much I miss the music and then want to restart the subscription but learn that the 2011 price is now $175
$100 per year is very inexpensive for what is offered. Do you have any idea how the subscription costs will escalate in the future?

Musiklus guarantees that subscribers will never see a Subscription Fee increase as long as the subscription does not lapse. We have no doubt that the Subscription Fee is bound to increase in coming years, but subscribers will always be guaranteed that their subscription entry amount will not increase as long as the subscription does not lapse.

Example: Churches that subscribe in 2010 at the $100 per year rate will continue to pay just $100 per year even if, by 2012 for instance, the Annual Subscription Fee has increased to $200.

IMPORTANT: Subscribers do, in fact, experience prices changes – not up, but down! Our fee system honours those who renew their subscriptions annually. The fee for the first three years is $100 per year. Year four drops to $80 and from the fifth consecutive year on, the annual rate is just $60! Payment of this annual fee permits the subscription holder to keep and use all of the anthology music which has been downloaded and photocopied since the subscription began as well as access everything new that is added.

I am part of a multi-point (yoked) pastoral charge which is comprised of three different congregations. Do I need to purchase a subscription for each one?
No. Multi-point or yoked pastoral charges require only one subscription which can be used by each of the congregations.
The other licencing organizations we use clearly state that we may not photocopy choral music for use as anthems. Does the Musiklus Subscription Service have the same limitations?
No. The Musiklus system is designed to include the anthem versions which may be photocopied for choir members. This portion of our subscription service alone is worth the investment. How far does $100 per year go in purchasing anthems?
I am from Wisconsin and have noticed some repetitive typos on your site and in some of the song and hymn texts—words like honour, cheque, centre, humour, etc. Don’t you have spell-check?
Our company, Musiklus, is based in Canada. Most of the words which Ron sets to music have origins in commonwealth countries. One of the subtle differences between commonwealth countries and the USA is that some word spellings vary. In most cases, we have opted to retain the Canadian / British / New Zealand / etc. spellings. Think of it as an easy way for folks in Wisconsin to sing hymns in a foreign language, eh?