Peter Peters

Peter Peters

Peter, my dear friend and colleague, died in April 2009. He was an important part of the Musiklus team for many years. His work as a meticulous proof-reader saw him devote countless hours to carefully examining every arrangement and version of hundreds of selections. Pete was “always there” for me - always ready on a moment’s notice to offer help setting up, tearing down, lugging equipment, and on and on and on.

Peter loved fishing and anything to do with the ocean. Christina and I were the beneficiaries on many occasions when he would show up at the door with fresh oysters, crab, salmon, etc. He even taught us how to do crabbing on our own.

Pete was raised on a farm in southern Manitoba and moved to Winnipeg upon completing high school. After several short term jobs he went to work for the City of Winnipeg where he remained until retirement in 1995. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife Wendy moved to Qualicum Beach.

Singing always played an important role in Peter’s life. Since we met in 1998, he sang tenor with the Knox United Church Choir in Parksville where I served as Minister of Music for 13 years. If the choir was to gather at 9:15, Peter was ready to sing at 9:10. Whether practicing anthems on his own at home or having private piano and sax jam sessions with me, his passion for music was a gift for all of us.

I will always remember his laugh, his love of life, and his incredible dedication to my music and ministry. I miss him very, very much.